When the two youngest teams in the C Grade competition faced off, it was always bound to be a hard fought encounter. World FC were top of the table prior to the match and were keen to extend their lead over the competition. Juventus were five points adrift in sixth position, yet the difference on the ladder did not show through in what was a low scoring game.

The first half involved physical tackles and some brilliant displays of skill. Cesar Murphy stood out for Juventus, reeling off a series of shots with many of them only being stopped by quality keeping. Daniel Plant, the keeper for Juventus ensured the score remained low at the other end with some impressive stops down low with only a lurking Zac Purll poaching a goal from the back post and hitting it into the top left corner. The first half finished 1-1 with no clear favourite in site.

Juventus vs. World FC

The second half started slowly before World FC showed why they are first on the ladder with their passing on composure in front of goal putting them on top. A series of shots were kept out until an unmarked Marko Lazic slotted a goal into the bottom right corner from the middle of the box.

Frustration and impatience began to show with Juventus making some mistakes and beginning to take on players one on one which often resulted in them being dispossessed and vulnerable to a quick counter attack.

World FC had one more genuine opportunity to increase their lead with Stephen Zupicic having a long range shot from outside the box that hit the crossbar.

The final score was 2-1 with Wolrd FC further increasing their dominant position at the top of the C Grade ladder.