White City 1 battled it out with Pushy Cool Rats in the final game of round seven on Wednesday 19th March. It was always destined to be a hotly contested encounter between two passionate and competitive teams and it did not disappoint with both teams pushing hard for possession with every tackle, resulting in a very physical game.

The beginning of the first half was very closely contested and included several opportunities for both teams until the deadlock was broken in the 12th minute of the game with a rare defensive lapse from White City 1 offering Pushy Cool Rats a one on one opportunity with the keeper and the shot was put away in the bottom left corner with composure.

The advantage was short lived however when a White City 1 player was brought down just outside the circle and the shot was successful in levelling the score.

White City 1 vs. Pushy Cool Rats

White City 1 vs. Pushy Cool Rats

The second half began with White City 1 completing a series of sharp passes that resulted in a quick goal. Things began to become quite heated between the two teams with more physicality entering each tackle. Frustration became visible for both teams and after several warnings a player from White City 1 received a yellow card.

Pushy Cool Rats then evened the score with their main striker displaying a brilliant piece of skill from the halfway point to move past a player and then slot the ball past the keeper.

With so much on the line with the scores level, tempers began to flare in the final 10 minutes with both teams conceding free kicks. There was questioning of the referees calls from both teams and a second yellow card was given to the White City player and he was sent off.

Pushy Cool Rats failed to seize on their numerical advantage and after two minutes the White City 1 team was back at five players.

White City 1 were given another free kick just outside the circle in the final minutes. The free kick caused contention amongst the Pushy Cool Rats players on the bench but White City 1 were able to use the free kick to score a final goal.

The physical and hotly contested game finished 3-2 with a win for White City 1.