Bylaws & Rules

Bylaws & Rules

By Laws & Playing rules

By Laws and Playing Rules

1. MATCH AND REGO FEES – Must be paid in full before round 1 kick -off, unless special arrangements have been made with the Futsal Manager. If unsure please Email us.

2. FORFEITS – (a) Teams must be present at the time indicated on the draw. If a team does not have at least three (3) of its registered players present and ready to play within ten (10) minutes for Seniors & five (5) minutes for Juniors of the specified time, it shall forfeit the game. NO EXCEPTIONS.

(b) If a team forfeits without giving twenty- four (24) hours notice then the opposing team will be awarded three (3) points for the win, as well as a 3 goals for whilst the forfeiting team is awarded nil (0), as well as 0 goals against.

(c)If a team gives 24 hours notice and a reasonable reason then the match maybe re-scheduled at a pre- determined date agreed upon by both teams as well as the Futsal Manager. In the event that re-scheduled matches aren’t played due to the fact that they have no bearing on the placing in reference to teams semi – final placing’s i.e. top 4. There will be no refund and teams will be given scoreless draws.

3. LINES OF COMMUNICATION – Please follow the procedure to escalate any issues arising at one of our venues, in reference to events held by the Club.
(a)All managers, coaches and players registered in Pittwater RSL Club Futsal competitions, are to forward all enquiries only to their Futsal manager. The Futsal Manager will interface directly with the NSW Futsal Association Operations Manager.

(b)Issues which are above the control of the Futsal Manager will automatically be looked after by the Operations Manager and or President, who can be contacted via phone/email/fax. Click here to get in contact with them.


(a) For Seniors only, a jersey or shirt must be numbered. All shirts/shorts and socks in a team must be the same colour.
(b) Shorts-If thermal under-shorts are worn they must be the same colour as the shorts. Players cannot wear long trousers or tracksuit bottoms except for goalkeepers.
(c) Socks and Shin guards- Shin guards must be completely covered by the socks and be of a size and made of suitable material as to give a reasonable amount of protection.
(d) Footwear- the only type permitted is soft soled training, turf boots or gymnastic shoes.
(e) Goalkeeper- may wear tracksuit bottoms and a shirt that easily identifies him/her from other players and the Referee.
(f) Safety- A player may not wear anything that is dangerous to himself or any other player. NOTE- this includes all jewellery except flat wedding rings, which must be securely taped.
(g) Spectacles-Only approved safety glasses may be worn. These should be submitted to the Management for approval.

(h) Bandanas, hats and casts of any sort – cannot be worn.
(i) Men’s & Ladies armless tops will be permitted by must be numbered.

5. GAME TIMES – Senior Games 18min x 18min with 1 min half time.
Junior Games (16 & under) 13min x 13min with 1 min half time.

NOTE: (i) These times are based on eight (8) teams and below competitions. For competitions that have more than eight (8) teams, length of halves may decrease.

(ii) Failure of the teams to get on the court on time will mean a reduction in time with the proviso that halves will be equal.
(iii) If a game has to have a result then 5x5min extra time will be played. If a team scores in that time they are declared the winner – if no goals are scored in extra time the result will be decided by a penalty shootout as per laws of the game.

(iv) If the ball is kicked out of the courts on the eastern or RSL car park side, the game and clock will stop until the ball is retrieved.

(v) If the ball is kicked out of court on the western side (Blackmore’s) a replacement ball may be retrieved from the Futsal office and accurate indications of where the ball went out is to be relayed to the Futsal manager.

6. NUMBER OF PLAYERS – A match is played by two teams, each consisting of no more    than five (5) players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. A team may start with 3 players including a goalkeeper.

7. SUBSTITUTES AND PLAYER REPLACEMENTS – The maximum number of substitutes is seven (7). There are unlimited substitutions during the match.

PRSLCF Policy insists that, a team may borrow players from a lower division or age group. It may not borrow players from the same division or age group. A borrowed player can only play for one team in the division he is borrowed for.

A team may only borrow a player as per above in order to fill their team to 5 players. I.e. If you already have 5 of the players registered in your team playing, then you may notborrow players.

Players not registered in your team but are members of the NSW Futsal Association may be borrowed, but only if the above criteria is met and the Futsal Manager informed.

Please note – the Futsal Manager must be informed to ensure that the players ID number is entered in the match card.
NOTE- In semi finals and finals a borrowed player may only play if they have played for that team a minimum of 5 games in the competition before the semi-finals.

8. ABANDODNED MATCHES – In the event of a match being abandoned for any reason including misconduct then the Referee(s) and the Administrator will provide a complete report of the incidents surrounding the abandonment to the Competition Secretary of NSWFA as soon as practicable for adjudication, who will determine whether to replay the fixture or pursue another course of action. Should the match be abandoned due to misconduct the result of the game will be posted as a (zero, nil, 0) – (zero, nil, 0) draw. If by chance it is a Final or S/Final the NBFA holds the right to not award a result and the Futsal Manager of Northern Beaches Futsal Association will determine a course of action.

9. INJURY PROTECTION – It is the responsibility of each player to ensure they are adequately prepared for the game of Futsal as specified in FUTSAL LAW 4. It is also the responsibility of each player that they take adequate care to avoid injury to themselves or any other player and/or Officials during the course of the game.

10 SEMI FINAL and FINAL – The format of the Semi’s is 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 in all competitions of 4 or more teams. Competitions which have less than 4 teams, the finals format will be determined by the Futsal Manager. Players participating in semi-finals may only play if they have played for that team for 5 or more games in the competition before the semi-finals. The only exception is a specialised goal keeper who may be borrowed from a lower division or age group, and must play in goal only.

11. REFEREE’S – If a team Manager or Coach wishes to complain about a referee or a game result then a ‘Referees Complaint Form’ is available from the Futsal Manager or on the PRSLCF website at This should be posted or faxed within seven (7) days to:

Pittwater RSL Club Futsal
82 Mona Vale Road, Mona Vale NSW 2103
Fax Number – 02 9979 2424
or emailed to

12. DUAL REGISTRATIONS – Players can only play in one team per age group or division. A player can in the PRSLCF dual register, “meaning register to play in two different teams in two different divisions”. However a player must register in a lower age group and fill out a dual registration form to add their name to a team in a higher division’s player roster. Under NO circumstances may a player play in a team registered in a competition or division below the division they are initially registered in.


(a) GOAL CLEARANCE FOR JUNIORS AND SUB-JUNIORS – In the best interests of the game, the PRSLCF has made a slight adjustment to LAW 17 of the FIFA FUTSAL – Laws of the game. Teams participating in our sub-junior and junior competitions CANNOT throw the ball over the half way line on the full when restarting play with a goal clearance.

(b) ALL MIXED COMPETITIONS – To try and make the mixed competitions as even as possible, the PRSLCF is enforcing

(i)Not including the goalkeeper, there must always be 2 ladies and 2 men on the court during the entire game.

(ii)There has been an adjustment to LAW 11 of FUTSAL – Laws of the game. Teams participating in our mixed competitions CANNOT score from a kick-off.

(c) Slide tackling – Commencing 12 September 2011 the NO slide tackle rule will be implemented. Slide tackles will be outlawed and players may only slide for the ball to prevent it from going out of play or to retrieve it while no other player is in close proximity.

14. CATCH-UP MATCHES – Matches that can’t be played during the regular season will only be played if:
(a) A time and venue is agreed upon by both teams on a different night during the regular season.
(b) or there is time at the end of the season for all games to be played which both teams agree on before the semis

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